How safe is the Dominican Republic?

How safe do you feel in any major city in the U.S.?  Your chances of becoming involved in a crime here is less than in major cities in the United States.  It is very safe and we are located in the best part of town, our clients have never been involved in a crime since we began.

Can I call the U.S. from the DR.

Yes, any phone will work here.

I am older, what age woman can I look forward to attracting?

I can’t say that age doesn’t matter here, it is a factor however small.  Generally, if you are say 50, you should have no problem attracting a woman 30 for sure, it could even drop a little lower depending on how you come across, (groomed, dressed, how you have aged, etc) also manners go a long way.   I could be the exception if you look at my wedding picture on here, my wife is 30 and I am 60.  I know I lucked out.   So anything is possible.

Can I expect to have sex while I am here?

This is not an Escort Service.  There is never a promise of sex.  So that is up to you and your future bride.  I try to encourage it when ever possible.  I mean that is going to make up a good portion of your relationship, if and when you get married.   You do have to show a little respect and decorum however, so do not expect it right out of the gate.  But again it depends on chemistry between the two of you.  Also if you practice a little restraint, it will show you are serious and here for more than just a rumble.

How big an issue is it if I do not speak the language?

Not enough to concern yourself with.  Now we have the Google translators, plus there is a human translator on call all the time.

Do you help with the Visa process?

We have a great Visa attorney that is my personal attorney as well.  She has handled all of our legal issues.  Because of the volume of business we give her, she handles our clients legal matters and charges less than anyone else in the area.

Is it better to get married in the U.S. or the DR?

The process will be faster if you choose to marry in the U.S. and apply for a fiancée Visa for her to enter the U.S.  But it is best to consult the attorney to get the best answer for your particular situation.

Can I extend my Romance Package if I wish to stay an extra couple of days?

Yes, that is done quite often.

Will all the women I meet be sincere?

I screen all the women that we show and introduce.  However, it is not impossible for one to get thru, but then again, if she is not serious about getting married, she has absolutely nothing to gain.  If we do have one, we ask the client to let us know if anything is questionable so we may remove her from the database.  I have only experienced this a couple of times, 99% are very sincere.

Why do Dominican women want to marry men from the U.S. or other countries?

I have had my share of women tell me that local men do not know how to make love to a woman.  They are all about themselves and want to dominate the women and never remain faithful, just part of the culture.  The women here are looking for not just love but security, they want to know the man they marry will be faithful and true to them, treat them the way they should be treated, and they know that this can be found in Americans,  especially.

Do I have to have the translator or personal assistant around all the time?

Absolutely not, we recommend you use the translator for a while, to break the ice and maybe if you have something very poignant to get across and do not want it messed up in the translation.  And as far as the PA, we recommend using him for like the beach and terrace dinners, just in case there is something you need, he can be used to accompany you around town and can also translate for you.  But to have him around all the time can cramp your style, if you know what I mean.

How do I know what to pack for the trip?

About 2 weeks out before you arrive, I will send you a packing list as well as more FAQ’s and everything you will need for the trip, even some Spanish phrases that you can practice on the plane ride.

Do I need a Visa?

No, no Visa is required, however you will need to purchase a tourist card in the airport, or we give you a link so you may purchase it on line to save time.

Do I need shots to travel to the DR?

There is no need for shots, a few do get them, but it’s neither required or recommended.

Should I bring gifts for my girl?

It surely cannot hurt, they appreciate gifts when you can present them yourself.  Another thing to consider, you will be doing some activities on the water which plays havoc on the girls hair.  Another great gesture is after a day on the water, offer to pay to have her hair done, this they absolutely love as well as having their nails done.  It isn’t expensive and makes points like crazy !!

How much spending money will I need to bring?

Depends on you, we have a Casino minutes away from the hotel, lots of shopping, but everyone is different, as we get closer to someones arrival date, I talk to them about likes and spending habits, to help determine the amount to bring.  Usually no more than a few hundred dollars.

Is housekeeping included in my apartment?

Yes there is daily housekeeping.

Do you ever furnish airfare?

Sorry, we do not do airfare, it would be impossible to calculate as we have clients fly in from all over the world.