Remember, first of all, this is not like all the other sites out there that have thousands and thousands of people enrolled.  This is not a dating site where you can contact hundreds of women for hours and hours hoping for a positive response, from a serious, real woman.   We work on a very small scale, with only a handful of qualified participants. ( And that is the key word, qualified! )   If you are not 100% committed to getting married here, you need to go to one of those other dating sites and spend your time wasting countless hours on useless e mails.   Everything here from start to finish is handled by a small qualified staff, personally. We simply do not have the time to waste on people who are not truly interested in getting married.

For the duration, we are your coach, friend, confidant, as well as your worst critic if need be.  We will be checking to make sure you do not say anything dumb or derogatory that could easily lead to a misunderstanding that could be detrimental to your future relationship.  Many times when an electronic translator is used, the meaning of what you are actually saying can and does get misconstrued and can easily undermine weeks or months of work.  So we make sure each and every transmission is carefully translated to express exactly what you are trying to relay.   It is possible for us to be correcting, censoring, adding or detracting from letters, but of course all in your best interest.  No one gives the personal service we provide, or the experience for that matter.

We will also help to write a letter if you have a mental block and are not exactly sure what or how to say something.   Remember, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!




NOW, because everything is done by hand, do not expect instant answers.  First we have to translate what you are sending and then contact your girl, which normally takes a little time, as many do not have access to a computer and have to be contacted by phone, text, or maybe in person, then we have to translate again, her response to you.  It is not designed to be fast, but it has proven to be the most effective, by far.  This approach is much better and more efficient than the other method of trying to weed thru thousands of women to find the 1/4 % that are honest and interested.

As far as photos, letters, anything you submit to us, is totally private and we share with no one except your intended girl or girls.  We will not post your photos or profiles on line, as we respect your privacy.

Part of the matchmaking process is finding the girls that would be interested in you.  We will send you photos and bios of  interested women ( who fit your expectations ) and on your approval, only then will we share your information with them.  You also have the option of requesting any women you see on the site, to receive your info.

We are also available by phone any time you wish to talk, in the event you want advice or to have questions answered.